5 easy ways to make your talent acquisition and new employee onboarding more effective

By Mark from Connectzapp

Talent Acquisition

The definition of talent acquisition is the process of recruiting, tracking and interviewing candidates, then hiring, onboarding and training new employees.

It’s a function of the Human Resources (HR) department in larger organisations. In smaller organisations it can be performed by the business owner, CFO or a manager.

The talent acquisition process of an organisation can include software, either standalone or off the shelf to help automate the process and store candidate details and other data. It can also include physical processes such as interview and training techniques. Employee compensation and performance evaluation can also be part of the process.

The process an organisation uses is often viewed as a strategic approach to sourcing and hiring the best employees. An effective talent acquisition process also helps with employee performance and tenure.

The Importance Of Effective Talent Acquisition

The quality of talent within an organization has a direct impact on how effective it is in delivering its product or service and how competitive against competitors.

An organisation’s employees directly affect its future success, so it is important, in fact essential to have an effective talent acquisition strategy.

Talent acquisition is forward thinking. Instead of just hiring a new employee to fill a current job vacancy, as part of an organisation’s talent acquisition strategy the talent acquisition team can consider what the potential employee’s path could be within the organisation. This ensures the organisation strategically hires long term employees who could become managers or senior managers who then contribute to the success of the organisation.

This means talent acquisition about creating and following a long term plan for the future of jobs within the organisation.

An effective talent acquisition strategy also decreases the risk to the business of bad hires which saves time, money and potential disruption a bad hire can make on the culture and productivity of teams.

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The 5 Steps For Effective Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition comprises of these 5 steps:

1. Lead Generation and Sourcing Talent

Job boards are not the only places to source talent. Other sources include existing employees, recruiters, referrals, networking events and academic programs. Some companies find poaching competitor’s staff a good source of talent.

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When sourcing talent, keep these 3 things in mind:

Data analytics is an important part of sourcing the best talent. By tracking marketing efforts, response rates and the quality of applications, you can fine tune your recruitment process so it is focused in the right areas and optimised to attract the best talent.

Talent acquisition programs and software programs that screen applications and track candidates are a useful and necessary tool, however they can’t replace the judgement of a hiring manager. Digital tools should be used to save time however users should understand and carefully consider their limitations to ensure the best candidates are not overlooked.

2. Candidate Interviews and Assessment

Any candidate needs to be considered for their key assessment aspects:

The questions you ask a candidate can depend on the role. Some common questions are:

3. Reference Checks

Reference checking previous job performance is an important step to ensure against hiring mistakes. The usual checking of references can work, however what you are told by a referee is not always accurate. For example:

In assessing a candidate there are 5 questions that give a clearer picture of their past performance and likely performance on the job. These questions can give you a clearer indication of the candidate’s potential on the job performance and how well they are likely to fit in culturally.

The 5 questions are:

4. Making Offers & Hiring

There are 5 steps to successfully making an offer to a candidate:

5. Onboarding & Training — New Employee Onboarding

Successful employee training and development which includes effectively onboarding new hires, can lead to better outcomes for both employee and employer.

A common mistake is to leave new hires to learn on the job. While this can sometimes be effective training for new hires, properly onboarding and training new recruits means happier employees, higher employee productivity and increased employee tenure. This increases a company’s productivity and customer satisfaction. It also reduces costs because finding, hiring and training new staff costs money. When employees are more effective and stay longer, there is less need to find new people.

In the USA around 20% of workers leave their new job within 45 days of being hired. According to estimates the cost of replacing an employee is between 16% to 20% of their salary, so it is good business for employers to keep staff once hired.

When part of an efficient onboarding process, around 91% of employees stay for at least a year and around 70% stay for 3 years or more when a company has a well structured onboarding process.

This means that an effective process for new employee onboarding and current employee development is a cost saving investment for an employer. It also makes for a positive company culture!

The onboarding process will differ between employers, depending on the company, the role and the industry the company is in, however all onboarding processes should contain most of the following:


Talent acquisition and new employee onboarding is a vital part of building an effective organisation. More than just creating a job description then running some ads, employee training and development is a constant process which, when done effectively lowers recruitment costs and increases employee tenure. Most importantly, it creates a happy and productive workplace!

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