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Rental Manager vs Property Manager

Property Manager and Rental Manager are the names given to a person who oversees and manages real estate (property). A property or rental manager is usually a qualified real estate agent.

A property investor hires a property or rental manager to:

If waitressing is what you’re looking for, these venues are looking for you

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Waiting & Waitressing

When you work as a waiter, waitress or server you mainly work in a cafe, restaurant or bar attending to customers supplying them with food and drink.

Waitressing requires you to follow the rules and instructions of your manager and your duties include:

The 5 most effective performance review tips to increase employee performance

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Micromanager vs Performance Manager

Micromanagement Meaning — a micromanager is defined as a boss or manager who supervises employees excessively. …

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Talent Acquisition

The definition of talent acquisition is the process of recruiting, tracking and interviewing candidates, then hiring, onboarding and training new employees.

It’s a function of the Human Resources (HR) department in larger organisations. …

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Here’s a Full List of the Best Jobs for Veterans,
Including What They Are, and Where They Are.

Job For Veterans

There are plenty of great careers for veterans when they retire from the military. There are also many military friendly employers who value the skills and experience a vet has after they have left service. Veteran employment is seen as a way to…

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Veterinarian Assistant

A veterinary assistant or veterinary aide works under the supervision of a qualified vet or vet technician. They look after domesticated and farm animals, either in a veterinary clinic or on site where animals are.

Vet assistant Job duties include:

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Careers Working With Animals

Working with animals is very rewarding. If you love animals, then a career working with animals could be perfect for you.

There are a wide variety of jobs available that involve working with animals. Here are the most common.

Conservation Wildlife Jobs

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How To Write a Resume

We’ve studied the surveys, spoken to hundreds of hiring managers and heads of recruitment and asked them — what makes a resume stand out?

Here are the results.

Best Resume

The best resume is the one that gets you noticed. Your…

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Personal Financial Advisor

As a financial advisor you create tailored financial strategies to help your clients meet their financial goals as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible. You provide professional advice specific to their situation and strategies to help them achieve their plan.

As a financial…

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Human Resources (HR)

Human resources, commonly called HR, plans, coordinates and directs the administrative functions of, and serves as the link between management and employees in an organization. HR consults with top executives on strategic planning and oversees the hiring and management of employees.

Human Resources…


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