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Personal Financial Advisor

As a financial advisor you create tailored financial strategies to help your clients meet their financial goals as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible. You provide professional advice specific to their situation and strategies to help them achieve their plan.

As a financial planner you assist companies and individuals create a plan to achieve their short term and long term financial goals. The term financial advisor is generally considered to be a broader term with advisors helping to manage clients with their money including their investments and accounts.

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Financial Advisor Salaries

Working as a financial advisor you can earn an above average income.

Financial advisors earn:

  • Range between — $52,000pa and $125,000pa
  • Average salary — $77,000pa
  • Bonus — $1,000 to $25,000
  • Profit Sharing — $1,000 to $69,000
  • Commission — $4,000 to $36,000

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Banking Manager & Corporate Bank Jobs

Corporate and Institutional banking involves developing bespoke banking solutions for customers. Solutions include debt restructuring, funds management, funding solutions, trading and research services.

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Branch Manager (retail banking)

As a branch manager you are responsible for directing, managing and coordinating the operations of the financial institution in your branch. Branch managers oversee the front office operations, conduct team meetings and training sessions to provide and ensure high customer service levels.

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