Here’s a full list of the best jobs for veterans, including what they are, and where they are.

Here’s a Full List of the Best Jobs for Veterans,
Including What They Are, and Where They Are.

  • Hospital operations
  • Logistics
  • Registered nursing
  • Medical research
  • Administration
  • Police Officer
  • Crime scene investigator
  • Emergency Dispatcher
  • Corrections Officer
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Warehouse logistics
  • Management
  1. IT Program Manager — If you have experience commanding troops then this may be great for you. It requires leadership of subordinate employees.
    Salary — around $140,000pa
  2. IT Project Manager — You are required to ensure various pieces of technology projects are delivered on time, within budget and mistake free.
    Salary — around $120,000pa
  3. Business Development Manager — You are required to formulate and execute a strategy to grow a business. This involves sales and marketing.
    Salary — Between $80,000 to $100,000pa
  4. Software Developer — Develop software for private and public organisations.Salary — around $120,000pa
  5. Intelligence Analyst — Often working with federal agencies and government departments, you are required to protect national security.
    Salary — around $90,000pa
  6. Aviation and Aerospace Program Manager — This involves overseeing research, design, integration and testing of aircraft.Salary — around $100,000pa
  7. Electrical Engineer — If you have experience developing weapons, navigation systems or other electrical systems, this could be perfect for you.
    Salary — around $120,000pa



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